Sponsor a Child

  • Mohamed Abdullahi Sheikh
    Mohamed Abdullahi Sheikh
  • Asho Hussein Nuuh
    Asho Hussein Nuuh
  • Abdiqani Hassan Kulmiye
    Abdiqani Hassan Kulmiye
  • AbdiShakur Omar Siyad
    AbdiShakur Omar Siyad
  • Ayub Ahmed Mohudin
    Ayub Ahmed Mohudin
  • Aaliyo Nour Faraji
    Aaliyo Nour Faraji
  • Mandeq Mohamud Mohamed
    Mandeq Mohamud Mohamed
  • Binti Abdulahi Hillowle
    Binti Abdulahi Hillowle
  • Aziiza Abdulahi Shariif
    Aziiza Abdulahi Shariif
  • Ayni Abdimajiid Abdiqani
    Ayni Abdimajiid Abdiqani



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